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Buildings, Grounds, Maintenance and Transportation

This department is responsible for maintaining all school grounds, providing maintenance on equipment such as heaters, plumbing, and machinery. The director supervises the staff as they perform basic construction tasks such as electrical, carpentry, cement, and remodeling activities.

The Transportation Department is responsibe for all the student transportation needs of the district, provide training, or make available training to keep drivers qualified to handle the needs of the students they transport and the vehicles they drive. It is the responsibility of the director to maintain all related records on students, drivers, vehicles and drive an AM and PM route.

The Transportation Department provides transportation to Live Oak District students, pre-school through 8th grade, who attend the North Santa Cruz County Special Education classes throughout the county and on occasion, adjoining counties. The District transports its Special Day Class(SDC) students to schools not in their attendance areas as well as students with special physical needs, i.e. feeder tube, wheel chair, legally blind etc. In addition, the District transports students on activity trips, to occupational therapy, physical therapy and mental health appointments, coordinating times to minimize any conflict with daily bus routes, restructured days and non-student days.

The Transportation Director is responsible for overseeing the Drug and Alcohol training and testing program for all of the district drivers.

The Director maintains the official California Department of Education and California Highway Patrol required records on all drivers, CHP annual reports, mandated cost records, transportation safety plan, district map and street guide and monitor the transportation purchase orders.

Facility Modernization also under the Director of Buildings, Grounds, and Transportation and covers the modernization of all district facilities. Funds for the modernization activities come from such sources as Mello-Roos tax revenue, state bond money, local bond money, QZAB bonds, and redevelopment revenue.

Expenditures are managed through a process of developing a project budget, securing an architectural firm to develop approved Department of State Architect (DSA) plans and construction drawings, authorizing bidding, hiring contractors, and evaluating performance on a weekly and monthly basis.