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The Live Oak School District believes that high-quality early education programs provide a safe and nurturing environment that promotes the physical, emotional and cognitive development, as well as to give young children a foundation for success in school and beyond. We offer a quality, developmentally appropriate enrichment program for families who would not otherwise have the opportunity for their child to attend preschool. Our vision is to support children & their families, so they are ready to arrive in kindergarten well prepared for the new learning and curriculum content they will encounter. In addition, we offer a strong Parent Education & Involvement component in our daily program.

The districts Child Development Program has revised its approach to evaluating the child care and development services through a new system called “Desired Results.” This approach is compatible with CDE's accountability system for elementary and secondary education. It is intended to improve the results achieved for children and families through the child development services provided by CDE/CDD. Desired Results for Children and Families will document the progress made by children and families in achieving desired results and will provide information to help our staff improve their child care and development practices.

The primary objective of the Desired Results approach is to encourage progress toward the achievement of desired results by providing information, training and support to improve the overall program quality. The system has been built on existing processes and procedures, with an emphasis on the coordination of programs and services to support the continuum of children's developmental progress from birth to twelve years of age.

There are six basic components of the Desired Results structure: the results themselves, indicators, themes, measures, criteria for success, and measurement tools. The seven desired results domains to which all CDE-funded child care and development programs are expected to contribute are:

DOMAIN 1: Self & Social Development

DOMAIN 2: Language & Literacy Development

DOMAIN 3: English Language Development

DOMAIN 4: Cognitive Development

DOMAIN 5: Mathematical Development

DOMAIN 6: Physical Development

DOMAIN 7: Health


There are 43 measures in total that the preschool use to observe and assess preschool students. The measures are specific to each domain.



Our Outstanding Staff

The Child Development State Preschool staff is made up of a team of Site Supervisors, Master Teachers, and Classroom Assistants. Each position title requires a specific level of education and experience working with young children in a classroom setting. In each classroom, the district staffs two full-time teachers and one part-time assistant. We feel very strongly that low teacher-child ratios are critical for the early years. Our teachers go through extensive training in the areas of Early Literacy, Health & Safety, Curriculum Development & Assessment, Principals of Working with Young Children, and Diversity in the Classroom.


Family Involvement & Education

Partnering with families in education and early learning development are important components of the Live Oak Child Development (State Preschool) Program.  Our monthly meetings & workshops are an excellent opportunity for parents to meet with our staff and share important feedback about their child’s development. Our district staff as well as presenters from the community facilitates the monthly meetings. Families are provided a wide variety of monthly parenting topics based on their specific interests and particular needs; some of the topics include Speech and Language Development, Positive Discipline, A Literacy Night Event, and an information night on Getting Ready for Kinder.  Our monthly meetings are a unique opportunity for families and teachers to work together in supporting children's learning and development.

Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)

The Live Oak Child Development -Parent Advisory Committee is formed of preschool and after school families that come together once a month and provide input and help make program wide decisions. The committee also plans fundraiser events throughout the year. Past fundraisers have included, Movie Nights, a Car Wash, and a Pancake Breakfast. The Committee meets on the 3rd  Tuesday of each month from 6:00-7:00pm in the Child Development Office. Feel free to drop by or you may call the office for more information. 462-1116 ext. 207